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Please Print, Fill Out, and Sign and scan back in and e-mail to seller.

 If you do not have a scanner, use your camera and e-mail pics to seller.


SK’s Dachshund’s Deposit Contract

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Buyer:                                                                     Home Phone:__________________________        

Address: _________________________               Alt. Phone:____________________________

City State: _________________   Zip: ________     E-Mail:____________________________



 I, ____________________________________on the date of __________have paid a deposit in


the amount of $_______to be credited towards the purchase of a Mini Dachshund Puppy.


 Please select whether this is towards a current puppy or for a future litter below.

Either way, as this is a SERVICE supplied for you, the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

If puppy has already been chosen, fill out below information.

Name:                                                                    (what breeder named)        DOB: _________              

Color: ______________________       Sex: ______           

(Sire)_________________________ and (Dam)_________________________


 If not, and you wish to apply this deposit towards a future litter fill your name in below.


I, __________________________wish to apply this deposit towards a future litter


NOTE: Some Sires and Dams will not be mated together due to being related or other specific reasons.

If a specific mating is desired INQUIRE FIRST!


This deposit is used as a SERVICE to hold said pup or a spot on the VIP list for you. As it is a service applied for you

it is NON-REFUNDABLE. This deposit is a SERVICE ONLY (meaning all you will receive for it is said puppy or your

spot on the VIP list held for you) the deposit will be applied to the balance due for said puppy however,  if buyer changes

his/her mind for any reason or if puppy is not picked up/shipped within two weeks of the scheduled date (Unless prior

arrangements have been made) said puppy will go back up for sale and deposit as stated is NON-REFUNDABLE.


Seller will provide options for pick-up times and try to accommodate buyer to best of their ability however due to kids

and dogs schedules, it is buyer’s responsibility to make pickup or shipping times work.


Balance of puppy price + $110.00 to cover the cost of Prepaid AKC Registration, Microchip and Pre-paid Microchip Registration

are due in full before ownership of puppy, registration papers, and pedigree are turned over to buyer. Shipping or MN Sales tax will

also be due at time of purchase. There will also be PayPal fees if you elect to use PayPal or credit card.


If puppy is to be spayed / neutered, registration papers and pedigree will be mailed to buyer after I have received verification from the

buyer’s vet that the puppy has been altered unless you are purchasing a pup with Full AKC.



Buyer’s Signature: __________________________________________Date_________


Keep a copy for your records.



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