Responsible Breeders

A responsible breeder: will provide a pedigree, health records and feeding instructions, puppy packet at the very least. There will also be a sales contract which obligates you to return the dog to the breeder if you cannot continue to care for it at any time during its life, rather than abandoning the dog or placing it in a shelter.

A responsible breeder:  will spend time with you answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

A responsible breeder:  will spend time interviewing you to determine how the puppy will be kept (e.g. fenced yard, sleeping arrangements, etc.) The presence of other animals, the presence of children, and other circumstances involving the well-being of the puppy. A responsible breeder is more concerned about the welfare of the puppy than about selling you a puppy, and this concern will be readily apparent in discussions with you.

A responsible breeder: will insist that you spay/neuter your pet puppy. Methods should include written spay/neuter contracts, limited registration.

A responsible breeder:  will not hesitate to recommend you to another responsible breeder if he/she does not have the right puppy for you.

A responsible breeder: will be knowledgeable in their breed and will be able to offer you advice for training, socializing, grooming and generally taking care of your puppy, a responsible breeder is a wealth of knowledge with their years of experience and  years of studying their breed, and dog requirements in general. If you choose a responsible breeder you will be able to contact them throughout your dogs life for tips, and advice on a multitude of issues.

A responsible breeder: will encourage puppy buyers to go to puppy and obedience classes to help their puppies to become better canine good citizens. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate should be encouraged.

A responsible breeder: does not sell, supply, donate or surrender any dog for which they are responsible to a pet shop, catalogue house, wholesale dealer in dogs, Humane Society, or nondiseased dogs to a laboratory. They should have reasonable assurance that each individual receiving a dog will provide a home with appropriate shelter, restraint, control and responsible care.

A responsible breeder: will endeavor to gain personal knowledge of the temperament and health of every dog they breed, or to which they breed in order to gather information on which to base future breeding decisions. They share this information fully and honestly with other breeders and with prospective buyers.

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